September 2016 – Rick Mercer Flies Our Gyro for the RMR

Rick’s producer contacted us about a feature for the Rick Mercer Report (  We spent a whole day flying and lots of  fun was had by all.  The program will air on 4th Oct 16 at 20:00 on CBC and will then be posted on Rick’s youtube channel (


August 2016 – International Test Pilot School Gyro Program

Gyro Ontario was invited down to London Airport to run a two day gyro program for ITPS (  We flew with several instructors and two groups of students and the program went so well that they said they wanted to integrate a gyro module permanently into their regular test pilot training program.


May 2015 – Monthly Gathering of Gyro Enthusiasts

As part of our move to a bigger, busier airport, we expect higher visibility and (we hope) more acceptance into the GA world.  To further this effort, we have decided to hold a once monthly gathering of gyro enthusiasts.  On the first Friday of each month starting June 2015, we invite pilots, students and the curious to join us.  We will have Q&A sessions, presenters and an opportunity just to chat.  Anyone interested in coming along, please contact Neil for details.


April 2015 – Moving back to Waterloo Airport

After two years in Guelph, we are moving back in with our good friends Great Lakes Helicopters at Waterloo Airport (CYKF).  This is a busy controlled airport and we expect that the higher skill levels require to operate here will lead to more knowledgeable, skilled and confident pilots.  It’s great to be back.


February 2014 – Flying in Costa Rica

In February, to escape the winter blues, a few of us headed to Costa Rica to do some beach flying.  I put together a short video of our visit.   Click here to watch.  I have also written an article about the trip entitled “Aviation Tourism” which COPA have said they’ll publish.  Look out for that.


January 2014 – Gyro finally finding a place in GA

Click here to read our article, published in COPA Flight on the development and increasing popularity of gyrocopters.


May 2013 – Lauren introduces her cousin to the gyro

In May, Lauren had the chance to introduce her 6yr old cousin, her auntie and uncle to flying.  Click here to watch the video.


March 2013 – Lauren goes flying

In March, I took my 6yr old daughter flying for the first time.  As you can tell by the video, she loved it.  Click here to see it.


November 2012 – We’re open for business

We have finally opened the doors to the school.  It was a long year with more than our fair of frustrations as we tried to open the first gyro school in Ontario for years and years.  We were fortunate to have a number of keen students who patiently waited for us to open.  In January we started two ground school courses and (cold weather) flight training.  As the weather warms up, we hope to be able to train all the people who have expressed interest.

If you have been visiting this page to check for progress, then I thank you for you persistence and invite you to call or email us now.  Let’s see what we can do to get you into the air in a gyro…

We will update this page periodically with progress reports and gyro related news.  In the meantime, here’s a couple of lovely quotes to spark the imagination:

“The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn’t it be? —it is the same the angels breathe.” — Mark Twain

“Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.” — Socrates