Gyro Info

The Gyro was developed in 1923 and was the forerunner to the modern helicopter.  It was left in the helicopter’s shadow for years, but the gyro was a legitimate aircraft in its own right and is in many ways far more stable, versatile, safer and  economical than any of its fixed wing or rotary half brothers.  Approaching its 100th year, the gyro is now one of the safest and most exhilarating ways to fly.  Gyro flying is also one of the fastest growing areas of private aviation worldwide.

It may look like a toy, but the gyro can be fast an nimble, as well as being able to fly slow and low.  With the right equipment on board, one has the same freedoms to fly anywhere in Canadian skies that any other recreational aviator can.

At Gyro Ontario we use the Magni M16 trainer.  This is probably the most stable training platform in the gyro market today.  The visibility from the open cockpit is second to none and the visceral feeling of being at altitude and exposed to the elements is quite palpable.  It really does approach the “flying carpet” feeling of our dreams.