Famous Gyros

See where the gyro has become famous by viewing the videos below:

Gyros on TV

Neil Laubach doing circuits at CYKF (Waterloo Airport)

Magni Gyro Presentation

Top Gear for Gyros

History of Autogiros

Kodak Gyro Commercial

Wing Commander Ken Wallis Autogyro Flying Display

Legacy Of Wings Aviation Pioneer Harold Pitcairn

Fairy Rotordyne

Juan De La Cierva

German Submarine Launched Autogyro Fa330

Kellet US Mail Autogyro

Low Level Beach Flight. Great Video (but not the sort of flying we recommend)

Gyro Jake

Aero-TV: The 2010 PRA Convention

Tomball Police Dept's Gyro

Gyro's in film

James Bond and Little Nellie

It Happened One Night (1934)

International House (1933)

The Rocketeer